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Yoneiry el maestro real name is Yoneiry Taveras he was born in Dominican republic at the age of 7 he use to battle rap with friends in his neighborhood. when he was 8 years old he move to the united states with his dad Yoneiry growing up in Washington heights he forgot about music & develop other talent like skateboarding, & drawing he was part of two basketball team his dad wanted for him to be a baseball player. 

while living uptown manhattan he use to put together singles from popular musician and do house parties. Yoneiry  always had a strong passion & interested for music.his first live performance was on the 4 train after a roading applause and feeling the great response from all of the passengers on board he was inspired to pursue his talent with diligence & passion. his second performance was a live open mic in harlem Yoneiry recognized people liked his voice. he started to composed a spanish single called ( CALIENTE ) the Music video has 13,000 views on youtube that single in 2017 become very popular over seas in Italy. 

Yoneiry couldn't  travel for  years because all his legal papers was all expire while living in New York he started to build his fan base locally & world wide preparing him self for future opportunities. his social media on instagram is of 13,000  Yoneiry owns two groups on facebook one of 10,000 and another one of 5,000. Yoneiry done showcases for  power105FM,  live performance in the streets of manhattan on 5 avenue performing for different parades like the Puerto Rican parade, & Dominican parade. Yoneiry also performed at the Central America Hondura Parade & festival in the Bronx.

While still working as an artist Yoneiry Gain popularity landing on news paper adds, breaking top 10 on Revernation music Chart. Yoneiry cross the Market in 2017 going from Latin Urban Music. To  english HiP-HOP is been a journey but he perform in front of 10,000 people in Toronto & after coming back he had to the opportunity to perform at club aces and doing showcases for hot97 in brooklyn. the Latin awards, The Urban Music Awards, The Golden Latin Awards, SkyTV13 , Sacro Imperio in Florida. These amazing performances lead to features ads on El Diario news paper, Golden Latin Awards Magazine, & he received two trophies for artist of the year for upcoming Urban Music Artist of the year.

Yoneiry el Maestro is a sensational Headliner. His music is now playing on iHeartRadio, & was trending on hot97whosnext, his new single is playing on coast2coast mixtape & playing on Napster, Spodify, Tidal, Emusic & World Wide digital. is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, Target music. & Yoneiry is a versatile Music Artist a Writer, & Model/ SAG AFTRA Actor. Yoneiry is now working on new music & he is beloved by his loyal fan base which continues to grow and buying his music Yoneiry new music video Look at my Flow is Almost 100k views.




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